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Polyglycerol-10 Myristate

Article source:未知 Views:Release time:2020-08-18 09:58
The product was made from polyglycerol and Myristic acid, from natural plant materials, with high safety, good emulsification, dispersion and good antibacterial effect, suitable for the emulsification and stabilization of dairy products.
Appearance:  White paste or light yellow viscous liquid
CAS No.:87390-32-7
Performance: odourless or slightly peculiar smell, soluble in water and ethanol.
Application: As a hydrophilic emulsifier, it can regulate the skin, mainly used as surfactant and skin conditioner in cosmetics, can improve the sensory quality of products.
Usage and dosage: Add directly to the system, dosage is related to the product, determined by experiment.
Storage: Un-dangerous products with moisture absorption feature. Store & transport in dry, ventilate and sealed condition, expiry 24 months later in sealed condition.
Package: 25/200KG per barrel.