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Polyglycerol ester for chocolate

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Appearance:  Yellow viscous liquid
Performance: odourless or slightly peculiar smell, insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in ether, hydrocarbon, halogenated hydrocarbon, and grease.
Application: As a W/O surfactant, it can be widely used as emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener and anticoagulant in food (chocolate and its products, ice cream icing, etc.)and cosmetics.
It can reduce the viscosity of chocolate slurry and not form crystals, thus improving its fluidity; Used with lecithin having good synergy, can significantly reduce the amount of cocoa butter and cocoa butter substitute and reduce the thickness of chocolate coating; The small bubbles produced during the filling and casting process of chocolate and its products are easy to be discharged, thus avoiding the appearance of cavitation and stomata; Reduce the amount of chocolate needed for effective slurry and molding;Speed up the injection mold of chocolate; Improve the processing ability of the product, make the chocolate icing of the biscuit thin and even, and the icing is thinner and flat, make the air of the package easier to release; In a humid environment, increase the low temperature adhesion of chocolate coating, make the chocolate icing of ice cream form rapidly, and accelerate its adhesion, increase adhesion, and reduce tiny pores.
Usage and dosage:  According to the hygienic standard for food additives GB2760 regulation with flavouring agent used in food production, related to the product used in cosmetics.