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Polyglycerol-2 Monostearate

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Product name:Polyglycerol-2 Monostearate; Polyglyceryl-2 Monostearate
CAS number:12694-22-3
Another name(variant):
English name:
Short name:
Physical properties:
Exterior:Light yellow waxy grain
Features:Hydrophilic&oleophilic monoglyceride high grease emulsification disperse and stabilize function etc.
Application:Widely used in cosmetic food feed lubricant painting coating leather textile and paper etc. e.g. emulsificaiton and disperse in food milk and drink stablization disperse and even-foaming in ice cream artifical butter chocolate meat quick-served noodle baking food and rice&wheat food emulsificaiton disperse in emollient makeup foundation night cream and sunscreem etc.
Store:Un-dangerous products with moisture absorption. Store & transport in dry ventilate and sealed condition dangerous products keeped in 24 months in sealed condition.
Package:25KG per bag