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Polyglycerol-3 oleate

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Product name:Polyglycerol-3 oleate
CAS number:33940-98-6
Another name(variant):
English name:
Short name:
Physical properties:
Exterior:Yellow oil
Features:This emulsifier is hydrophilic can form O / W emulsion.The emulsifying force is not affected by pH value but also has the characteristics of stability thickening and dispersing.
Application:As a good emulsifier Polyglycerol-3 oleate is widely used in bread cakes ice cream fat or protein drink.The emulsifier can enhance the expansion rate of ice cream make the taste more delicate and lubricated.Used in bread cookies cakes and other baked goods make the fat and sugar distribution more uniform in the dough improve the expansion volume make the taste soft and smooth also prolong the preservation time. Used in rice flour products can make good moisture permeability and increase the whiteness and flexibility of rice improving taste. Used in the beverage containing fat or protein such as peanut milk cocoa milk almond milk drinks can improve the solubility and stability prolong the shelf life.
Store:Un-dangerous products with moisture absorption feature. Store & transport in dry ventilate and sealed condition expiry 24 months later in sealed condition.
Package:25KG per barrel.