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Fe- cutting fluid

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A kind of emulsion as cutting fluid consisted of surfactant, lubricant, antirust additive, stabilizer, biocide and water, etc. was prepared. The  green environmental materials used in cutting fluid would all be degradable. 
Cutting Liquid with functions of antirust, lubrication, cooling, cleaning, etc, can significantly improve the machining accuracy and prolong the service life of tools.
Harmless to humans with pH near neutral. Harmless to the environment with no nitrite, phosphate, sulphur, etc., also good antirust property, not easy to stink, environmentally friendly, long use period. And, all the technical parameters of our products meet the international standard.
Used in cast iron and steel products processing.
Product Index
Testing Item Index Result
Appearance white or light yellow milky liquid Qualified
Stability Homogeneous emulsion Qualified
Effective Content >30% Qualified
Appearance white emulsion Qualified
pH 8.0-9.0 Qualified
Stability(15-35℃,24h)/ml Homogeneous emulsion Qualified
Defoaming /(ml/10min) < 2 Qualified
Anti-rusting(35℃±2℃), 24h A Qualified
Lamination, 8h A Qualified
Scrap iron test, 2h 0 Qualified
The cutting fluid can be diluted 10 to 20 times for using based on the actual situation. Antirust time maybe influenced by different environment and water quality.
 25/200KG per barrel.
Non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, noncorrosive harm, can press the dangerous goods and shipping. Store & transport in dry, ventilate and sealed condition dangerous products, keeped in 24 months in sealed condition.
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